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My teaching philosophy encompassess three main facets - healthy, evidence based technique, student independence and sustainability, and compassion and equity. I believe that students must have a strong technical foundation in whatever genre they choose to sing. An evidence based approach that includes new research and studio tested methodology is essential in this, as well as clear communication and feedback between teacher and student. If this is successful, the student should feel empowered to diagnose and solve problems in their own practice sessions, thereby providing independence and confidence in their own instrument. Although I do approach the voice in a highly technical way, I recognize that my job is to train artists and humans, and not machines. Therefore, a personal connection and a respect for each student’s individuality and artistic perspective is necessary. 

Lastly, I believe that all students deserve good teaching, from beginners and amateurs to the most elite. Everyone who walks in my studio will be given the same care and attention, and I pledge to facilitate finding their best possible sound regardless of how they choose to use it.


Photo: Gentle Grace Photogrpahy


Lauren A. Cook, soprano, is a Boston area vocalist, educator, and arts administrator. Her performance credits encompass work in opera, musical theatre, oratorio, and art song, including appearances with Opera del West, Anthem Theatre Company at the Boston Center for the Arts, and with the Schola Cantorum at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. As an educator, Lauren works across multiple genres with singers of all ages and focuses on cross training musical theatre belt, “legit,” and classical techniques. She is on the faculty of the Holden Voice Program at Harvard University and maintains a private studio where she specializes in training singers who are returning to voice lessons after clinical rehabilitation for performance related injuries. Lauren is also in demand as a masterclass presenter and has led workshops for the Collegium Musicum at Harvard University and at Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA. She served as the Executive Director of the New School of Music in Cambridge, MA for three years and is currently a graduate student in the Vocal Pedagogy program at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee where she studies with Christy Turnbow.

She also teaches privately out of her home. For more information, please contact Lauren using the contact page

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