Ms. Cook is also a dedicated voice teacher and enjoys working with singers from ages 12* to adults. Her students have gone on to university level vocal performance, musical theatre, and music therapy programs, including the Westminster Choir College, Shenandoah College Conservatory, and Manhattanville College. 

From Lauren:

"My teaching philosophy encompasses many ideas, but the foundation is that I want to create a safe (and maybe even fun) space for students to discover their voices. 

More specifically, singers first must have a clear understanding of their instrument, including its anatomy, and be sure it is operating healthily.  I want them to leave my studio with the tools to diagnose and solve any mechanical or technical problems on their own. Secondly, I train singers as total musicians, with a holistic knowledge of repertoire and music theory fundamentals so that they may make intelligent and accurate musical choices. Lastly, I believe that singers must be able to express and interpret their repertoire with informed and specific acting choices. My teaching encompasses the entire journey, from first voice lesson to juries and recitals, and I encourage them to use me as a resource for career navigation and professional development."

Lauren is also a licensed Musikgarten instructor and teaches early childhood music at Blue Hill Montessori School in Canton, MA. 


some students may be ready for lessons before age 12 - contact Lauren to set up a trial lesson/assessment.


Photo: Gentle Grace Photogrpahy


For Massachusetts/Greater Boston:

New School of Music, Cambridge, MA

Call or email: (617) 492-8105,

For Southern New Hampshire:

Bedford Youth Performing Company, Bedford, NH

Call of email: (603) 472-3894,

Interested students can also contact Lauren directly for more information, scheduling inquiries, etc., via the contact page!