MassOpera's La Traviata  presented at the Eustis Estate

Nile Scott Studios 

Intimacy Choreography & Coordination 

Intimacy professionals support a director's storytelling vision by translating the staging of theatrical intimate scenes and moments into specific, documentable, and repeatable movements. This can include:

  • Sexual or romantic intimacy, comic or dramatic

  • Childbirth, medical scenes, and burial/funeral preparation of bodies 

  • Anything with close contact and/or emotionally heightened content 

As a choreographer, Lauren uses consent based practices to ensure the safety and well being of all participants in the rehearsal room with a particular focus on advocating for the most vulnerable. She believes strongly in maintaining a collaborative environment with actors, designers, and production staff, and uses boundary check-ins and open communication to produce meaningful and evocative scenes. Her work encompasses opera, spoken theatre, film, and work with minors on set. For more information about the process of working with an intimacy choreographer, consultation, and whether or not your production should have an intimacy professional, please use the contact page! 

Training: Theatrical Intimacy Educators, 30 hours


Select Credits


NIGHTTOWN*            Lowell House Opera (dir. Adrienne Boris)

La Traviata                MassOpera (dir. Katy Early)                         



The 39 Steps            Greater Boston Stage Company (dir. Ilyse Robbins)



Service Provider      Helios Opera (dir. Adrienne Boris)

* new work by Benjamin Perry Wenzelberg

MassOpera's La Traviata  presented at the Eustis Estate

Nile Scott Studios 

Service Provider, Helios Opera, 2021